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College is learning, freedom and independence - but it can also be super confusing. Every professor does things their own way, making it hard to stay updated and organized to get stuff done.


PropHeadTM is a mobile app that integrates with your personal calendar and keeps you in front of what's coming up in all of your classes as well as your life.

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 When you connect to an existing class, you're automatically connected with everyone else in that class -- no friending or following. PropHead is the place to check for assignment updates, straight from others in your class.

When you create new a class, PropHead automatically outlines default class meetings in its calendar. You or your classmates can add additional events to make sure everything is covered.  No missing last minute changes not covered in the syllabus.

Thats the whole point, right? Chat with classmates and share links you find to get assignments done.  Never miss an assignment with reminders about class events and due dates.  And PropHead works event when the LMS or syllabus is vague or out of date.

Our Features

Organize, Collaborate, Socialize

PropHead allows you to enter or upload syllabus class and assignment information for all of your classes, regardless of whether they are on-campus, on-line, or even crosses multiple institutions.  PropHead does not require anything from your institution to work, so you can get started today.

The Calendar view integrates with the calendar information on your device, and shows class events along side your life outside of school. Color code classes so that assignments and class events aren't  missed.

The workload view shows you each type of assignment grouped so that you can easily see how many readings, tests, classes, and other events you have left to finish.  Staying on top of your classwork, made easy.

The updates view captures every change made to any course you are enrolled.  See instantly when someone asks a question or adds a link to needed assignment material.

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Propel Ahead Technologies Inc. is a Bellevue, Washington based company focused on creating tools that empower students to do their best work.   We're creating a student-centered educational productivity platform, a student mobile experience, and web-based tools focused on increasing student success -- improving learning outcomes and decreasing attrition rates for all students, regardless of their learning context.  We have a big vision for improving educational performance for all types of students, and would love to talk with you about our passion.

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J.R. Jesson

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Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Our Features
Our Features
Our Features